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 My Family, from left to right Sarah, Debbie, Matt & yours truly with Leroy.

Patrick the Inland Bearded Dragon gets very colourful during the breeding season. He does this so that the females take notice and want him to court with them.

Debbie with Billy the Frilly (Frilled Dragon). Billy is just one year old in this photograph that was taken in January 2005. Look forward to more pictures in the future and watch as he grows. 
A Tree Snake climbing a tree in bushland opposite my house in Coffs Harbour N.S.W. These snakes are well camouflaged amongst the green foliage of plants and often live in peoples gardens without being noticed
Lewis the Mulga Snake (King Brown) chewing on a snake transport bag. He is a snake that you canít trust as he will try to bite anything that moves including himself.  He got his name after biting a man whose last name was Lewis. Have a look at the venom soaked bag, the Mulga snake delivers the most amount of venom out of all species of snake in Australia and possibly the world.

Matt spotlighting for frogs in rainforest, North N.S.W. He was searching along the edge of a stream and has found a Giant Barred Frog, which is an endangered species.

The Giant Barred Frog that Matt found. Look at the size of this frog, over 100 mm all head and legs. Using their powerful legs they cover a lot of ground when jumping and can leap.

Matt giving Jumanji the water Dragon a pat. Jumanji was brought into a Veterinary Clinic about 6 years ago because he was very skinny and lying in the middle of a  busy road. He was a very old lizard and was probably pushed out of his river bank territory by younger rival males. We have looked after him since being found and had to hand feed him for all that time. Jumanji died in February 2005 and is sadly missed by all.

Matt with a clutch of Carpet Python eggs.

Sarah with her hands full of hatchling Carpet pythons. These hatched from the eggs that matt was holding in the previous photograph. Each baby is about 40cm long at birth and can grow to about 3 metres in length.   

Sarah being filmed with her scorpion, named Scorpio, for a documentary called The World Around Us. This documentary was based on people and their encounters with venomous or dangerous creatures. Scorpio is a rainforest species and Sarah keeps him in her bedroom in a fish tank.

This photograph shows a Water Python hatching out of itís egg after being kept humid and warm in our reptile incubator for 2 months. The Water python comes from Northern Australia and as itsí named suggest lives near water where it feeds on rats, birds and other reptiles, including baby crocodiles. The Aborigines call this snake the Rainbow Serpent.

What a crowd! This is me doing a display at the Orara Valley fair in June 2004.
A great day was had by all.

Filming for a documentary on the reptiles of Australia, which was shown in Germany. We had a great time doing this documentary and made great friends with the crew from Kaufmann productions. We still keep in contact with the producer, Gisella Kaufmann, and have worked with her on other projects since

Video production with Chris and Jeff Granger from Granger productions for the World Around Us special called "Deadly Destinations".
This segment was shown nationally on the 28th June 2005.

This photo is of Steve and Leroy the Black-Headed Python

The Inland Taipan has the most potent venom of any snake in the world, when the venom is tested on mice.
Matt and Leroy having a snooze.
Edan and Angus were all smiles when Steve and Leroy the Black-headed Python paid them a visit, at the Rainbow Cottage Child Care Centre in Woolgoolga, Northern N.S.W. in 2004.